3 ways for moms to strengthen their pelvic floor

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Let’s face it… not much is more embarrassing than feeling your body leak a little when you laugh too hard or sneeze during those meetings or park play dates. Thankfully, we don’t have to live a life filled with Depends or keeping back-up underwear in our bags…

Here are a few things I’ve done to help me strengthen my core and bladder control… and I’m confident they’ll work for you too!


We all hear it… especially at the OB or Midwife office when we were pregnant… the more kegels you do, the stronger your pelvic floor will be… the easier of a time you’ll have healing after your baby’s birth. Then we hear it all over again after experiencing those embarrassing bladder leaks when sneezing or laughing too hard. Don’t stop laughing… and don’t be embarrassed to sneeze… you can regain strength in those muscles!! And you can do it ANYWHERE without anyone knowing about it.

How to do kegels >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmEbW68YZuw

Life after having babies... so much fun until you pee when you sneeze. You ask your mom, and she laughs having dealt with the same bladder leaks since you were born. Is there a better way? Absolutely! You can strengthen your pelvic floor... and it isn't difficult. In this article, there are a few popular ideas and an unconventional idea on how you can strengthen your pelvic floor and bladder to stop peeing when you sneeze... to stop peeing when you cough... to stop peeing when you laugh too hard

Yoni Egg

This one I found to be super intriguing… and ended up having some amazing benefits that has brought me closer to my husband, enhanced my level of self-worth, and even opened me up to enjoying more fun with my kids.

Yoni Eggs… they take Kegel exercise to a whole new level!

At first… yeah… talk about super awkward… and then I had a bit of a mindset shift, realizing my feeling awkward means I was judging myself. We deal with enough judgement… let’s break the habit of doing it to ourselves.

History of the “Yoni Egg”

The Sanskrit word Yoni is referred to a ”sacred place”. Since ancient times, your womb has been referenced to be deeply sacred… something which today is mostly forgotten, as women mostly end up feeling shamed over their sexuality instead of celebrated and honored.

The long history of Yoni egg dates back from Ancient China where its uses were a sacred secret, only available to members of the royal family that used them because of the health benefits they provide to the body and soul.

Jade yoni eggs are a powerful solution for strengthening and tightening your pelvic floor and vagina, which gives internal balance, mind-blowing orgasms, access to your own sexual power, an abundance of creative energy, and massive leaps in truly feeling your self-worth and confidence.

By strengthening the vaginal muscles and improving the health of sexual organs, yoni eggs can enhance your life, showing you a whole new side to your sexuality, increase your sense of self-worth, provide some major boost in creative thinking… and… well… who doesn’t want mind-blowing sex with their partner? (Yup… totally went there… because you deserve it too!)

If you’re interested in learning how to use Yoni Eggs, I highly encourage you to check out Native-You’s website. >> About Yoni Eggs

Essential Oils

Yes!! Essential oils can actually help! My favorites for toning those core muscles and reducing embarrassing leaks:

  • Apply 3 drops Ravintsara, 1 drop Lavender, and 1 drop cypress essential oils to your lower abdomen and calf muscles.
  • Rub Cypress essential oil diluted one drop to a teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil, and rub it onto your lower abdomen.

It is crazy what all quality essential oils can help with… and this use… helping me not leak, especially when it enables me to just be myself with business meetings, park play dates, or really… with everything I do… it is totally worth doing!

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