Courses & Programs


1 on 1 Wellness Coaching – to guide you through removing harmful chemicals from your home and diet

1 on 1 coaching to strategize and create your own flexible business – whether you’re looking at blogging, network or affiliate marketing, creating and selling your own products, want to offer services to other businesses, or create something completely from scratch that is authentic to you… let’s talk! I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of developing your own business to work on in your own terms.


I have a few courses that I’m currently working on launching for you.

  1. Growing your authentic business (perfect if you’re part of a network marketing company, starting your own coaching company, creating your own online courses, or are into marketing)
  2. Start and grow your own blog – a complete and comprehensive step by step guide to setting up, growing, and monetizing a blog… including current social media and search engine optimization tips
  3. Rebalancing your life – a guide through self care, finding yourself, and relearning to love yourself
  4. Healthy Home – a guide through identifying and replacing common products in your home that likely contains harmful ingredients that could be harming your physical and mental health.

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