I am a Navy Veteran, military wife, mom of boys, and a curious mind with an extensive background in research and analysis. I'm a flexible-business strategist and wellness coach, currently living near Austin, TX and enjoy creating things, traveling, cooking, mentoring, personal development, spiritual development, business strategy, and natural wellness that works towards preventative health. I'm also a huge information nerd and love to share my findings with others.

Make money by monetizing your blog

A Mom’s Guide to Monetizing A Blog

Starting a blog can be wildly exciting. And then you realize you can actually use your website to gain passive income to go along with your writing. This is where many “blogging moms” make extra income without adding to their daily routines or interfering with family time.

3 Key Methods To Afford A Healthier Lifestyle

Have you ever thought how difficult it would be to afford a living a healthier lifestyle? Organic foods… essential oils… safe cleaners… nontoxic personal care products… all in the name of better health. While it doesn’t always come cheap… here are my biggest lessons learned for figuring out how to afford a healthy lifestyle.