Moms shouldn’t have to choose…

I see it all too often: “do I really need to go back to work after having my baby?” … “I’m dreading going to work… can I just stay home?” … “I’m so over this soul-sucking job… I just want to be home with my kids.” Heartbreaking.

So many moms thinking there has to be a better way… feeling crushed thinking they need to chose whether to climb the corporate ladder OR spend time with their kids… feeling they aren’t able to do both… when the truth is… YOU CAN. There are numerous ways you can build and grow a business centered around your lifestyle, whether you want to stay home with your kids, homeschool, or have a way of participating and affording extra activities and nonprofit ventures.

Something Better…

I remember all too well… overcoming an intense debilitating autoimmune health crisis a month before becoming pregnant with our “miracle baby.” My husband and I engaged in numerous discussions contemplating my return to the workforce vs staying home with our son… and we both knew after 8 years unemployed, finding employment that would pay for more than childcare and gas would be extremely difficult… so we decided our family would be better off with me at home with our son.

Unexpectedly, I felt: undervalued… like something was missing… isolated… unproductive… knowing I was meant for more… but also not wanting to leave my sweet baby.

So… I put my research skills to use, and found a way to navigate creating additional streams of income from home… found ways to include my son so we didn’t need childcare… and found ways to honor who we are as a family in the process.

Come join me on a journey to a higher quality of life…

… a life celebrating you living your true authentic life, without holding back…

… a life where you are free to choose what you do, when you do it, where you go, how you get it all done, and with whom you serve… all while being true to yourself and your family.

… a life centered around authenticity, light, love, and obtaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness as naturally as possible.

… a life embracing a community of like-minded people driven by a culture filled with togetherness, purpose, service, love, encouragement, support, understanding, and whole-life wellness (physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial).

Join my movement showing the world that motherhood isn’t something unprofessional or something that should be hidden from the rest of the world. We can be moms while preserving our identities AND embrace purpose… while also raising kids!

Hi! I’m Nicole

I’m a homeschooling boy-mom, military wife, military veteran, entrepreneur, and flexible business strategist here to shake up how we do business.

As moms, we often think and feel we cannot be “professional” while the kids are hanging on or running circles around us. I’m here to tell you… this simply isn’t true.

Today we live in a world filled with access to limitless opportunities and potential to succeed.

I’m here lighting the way for you to truly embrace who you are, create your dream career, and manage it all with kids in tow.

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