A list of my favorite resources for living healthier, business, and homeschooling.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyles is important to me. Not just mine, but yours too. I want to see you living vibrantly, happy, healthy, purposeful, and enjoying each aspect of life as it comes your way.

  • Essential Oils – to help with sleeping better, focusing more efficiently, maintaining higher energy levels, improving inspiration and creativity, and reducing toxins that prevent you from being your best you.
  • Healthy Prebiotics u0026amp; Supplements – to heal your body within so you can thrive physically and mentally
  • Healthy Shopping – because who has time for toxins in food??
  • Healthy Home Water Filter System – because clean water throughout the home is essential for maximizing wellness, brain power, and family health

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Diabetes Essentials Masterclass
  • Planoly – Schedule your Instagram posts and stories, save drafts, and organize your posts to achieve your ideal look without the stress or spending too much brainpower.
  • If you’re looking for a home-based business opportunity, connect with me! We have systems set up to give you a hand up with building a business in just an hour a day… even with kids at home with you.

    Favorite Podcasts

    I LOVE to read… but often motherhood gets in the way of curling up with a good book and cup of tea. Audio books have become a huge help in diving into some of my favorite topics (I’m a total nonfiction nerd) while having my hands and eyes free for other important things, like laundry, cooking, diapers…etc…

    Listening to audio books has helped substantially. I can listen while taking my boys for a walk, while hanging out at the park, cleaning our home, or while driving. Super convenient! There are so many options to choose from, both fiction and nonfiction… and having free options every month is a huge bonus too.

    Homeschooling Resources

    Some say we are crazy… building a business at home… WHILE homeschooling? My thoughts… I managed it just fine during potty training, talking numbers, letters, and shapes. Now that my older son is ready for Kindergarten, we have our schedule figured out to enjoy more hands-on and play-based learning while I fit in writing and client calls for a few hours each day.

    I’ll be adding our favorite homeschooling resources soon, after we’ve had a chance to go through a few options and have success with them.

    Math: Math-U-See curriculum. They have programs for math starting with learning numbers and counting for preschoolers all the way through calculus for high school levels. For our Kindergarten year, we are starting with the Beta series. On their website, they do have a placement survey to help you choose where to start.

    Reading/Spelling: We started with BOB books and Dr Seuss Books, many at the library and many on the Kindle for free, Dragon books from Amazon, and Spelling You See Level B (Jack and Jill).

    For science and art, we do projects at home mostly found on Pinterest. We also use local children’s museums, farms, library, gardens, and kid activity centers. This also gives us plenty of time with other homeschool families of all ages.

    STEM projects from Kiwi Crate have been a LOT of fun, along with stories from Little Passports. Those are our two favorite subscription box programs… fun delivered monthly.