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Hi!! My name is Nicole Graber, and I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a bit quirky, high vibe, love to help solve problems, and have a passion for life.

Nikky Graber: at the crossroads of motherhood and entrepreneurship, showing you that you can have it all: meaningful career WHILE being a mom... even at the same time. Working from home, even if you homeschool, can be extremely rewarding and fun!

I am a…

  • US Navy Veteran…
  • military-trained information and research analyst…
  • military wife…
  • boy mom…
  • caretaker to two giant dogs…
  • information junkie…
  • truth seeker…
  • intuitive empath…
  • INFP personality
  • healthy lifestyle enthusiast
  • essenital oils addict…
  • personal development devotee

What I can do for you

I’m passionate about guiding people like you through embracing natural, healthy ways to:

  • Increase your efficiency by overcoming brain fog, so you can get more done, feeling more accomplished and productive
  • Enhance your overall wellness, so you can live healthier with more energy and actually enjoy your life again
  • Find or renew your sense of purpose through personal development, business development, and meditation so you can feel fulfilled, impactful, and productive on your journey 
  • Balance the 7 areas of your life (mind, body, soul, family, purpose, fun, home) through personalized self-care practices that allow you to move forward, the way you imagine wanting your life to be
  • Re-engage with your inner self so you can progress through your life with confidence knowing who you are, your purpose, and rebuilding a life you love
  • Establish ways and a plan for turning your interests and strengths into multiple streams of income

Join me on a journey
to a better quality of life!

I’m a firm believer that if you’re feeling stuck in where you are in life, that skydiving is just the remedy to shock you out of the mundane. The adrenaline rush followed by peaceful floating is like no other experience in the world and works wonders to pulling you out of a funk and into a creative state where you can do some of your best thinking.

My first time skydiving at the 2012 Jump For A Purpose event with the Combat Wounded Coalition nonprofit

But… I wasn’t always this way…

During my time in the Navy, I spent 8 months serving in the Middle East, which came to an end when I was medically-evacuated back to the US with a sudden onset of chronic autoimmune problems and a seizure disorder. 

The following 8 years I endured seizures, acute muscle weakness, demylenating polyneuropathy, Lupus/MS symptoms, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, tachycardia, hypotension, adrenal fatigue, short term memory loss, debilitating anxiety, depression, chronic migraines, insomnia, raynauds, hair loss, difficulty focusing/learning, chronic bronchitis, and suicidal tendencies… I was told at 26 to prepare to not live past 30, and to embrace any type of mobility because that would soon be lost.

I had already lost my career… was on the verge of becoming homeless… and then lost my hope of ever having a “normal” or satisfying life. 

My mindset was fully engulfed in everything that was “wrong” compared to how I had envisioned my life to be. All my dreams and goals were crushed. I had no motivation… I was losing friendships… I was losing myself…

Then… my neurologist had me try a new medication (since all the rest weren’t helping), and I ended up in the ER with liver failure and pancreatitis. After that, I spent an hour talking to my neurologist about the possibility of trying natural methods to control my ailments. He said they’d kill me faster. I tried it anyways… and. it. healed. me.

The natural “woo woo nonsense” provided my body with enough support and reduced enough of my body’s toxin burdon that enabled me to experience a rapid and dramatic healing process that turned my world upside down, gave me a second chance at life, and provided me with a purpose: to be the light shining into your darkness… to show you even “impossible healing” can happen.

Now… I’m loving every moment of my crazy life, playing with my two young kids, two giant dogs, and enjoying time with my husband. I’m fully functioning without needing my wheelchair, walker, crutches, or cane. I’m walking, running, hiking, dancing, creating, and loving every second of it. 

I’m very passionate about creating work from home opportunities (err… well.. work from anywhere I have cellphone service or internet), earning 6 different streams of income that enables me to enjoy time with my loves and have nothing holding me back from living the most fulfilled life possible.

I am living proof of “miraculous healing,” and am shining my light to help you on your journey… whether you need proof it can happen, or help making it happen… I’m here for you. 

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If you’ve read this long into my story… that tells me either you’re intrigued with who I am or you really like to read…

10 Things About Me

  1. So far, I’ve lived in 20 cities within 11 US states, and one foreign country.
  2. I survived and actually enjoyed living full time in an RV with two large dogs and two small kids (under 4) for a couple months, and contemplating getting back into full time RV living again soon.
  3. Big dogs give the best hugs… we currently have a Rottweiler and a Newfoundland
  4. I had a horse growing up, defying my trainer by only wanting to barrel race alone and trail ride
  5. So far, I’ve traveled through 6 foreign countries… 4 of which I traveled alone… and explored through 38 US states
  6. I love hibiscus and rose flowers… especially when still living on the bush
  7. My favorite TV programs are on the Gaia network, though we watch more Paw Patrol than anything else.
  8. Buying a Kindle was the best thing ever for me… with over 600 books now in my library, not including the countless Kindle Unlimited books I’ve read through… because we move every couple years and keeping my own library isn’t currently realistic.
  9. I love reading nonfiction books about history, science, and business, though I also enjoy the occasional historical fiction.
  10. Time in nature is my happy place… especially with mountains in view.

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